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ピアノ教室 | 日本 | Kyoko-Izutsu | Kanon Music School

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Kanon Music Academy


~This is where the most enjoyable place for particular hobbies and professionalists.~

According to“Gorsh the cellist”by the Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa,The famous scene from Goesh healed animal’s sick as a cellist playing a cello one after the other through his miracles. There is growing evidence that recovery from this disease can occur partially or completely through music healing. The music makes your life happier and heals yourself better. From now on,you can become a part of Gorsh. We really hope your life will be comfortable,enjoyable ,peaceful,relaxable and more…

ピアノ教室 | 日本 | Kyoko-Izutsu | 井筒響子 | 写真
Who is the piano teacher? Pianist Kyoko Izutsu


Mrs.Izutsu has graduated at TOHO Gakuen university in the piano with a teacher’s license ,completed master's degree of pedagogical diploma on top at TOHO.and took a performance diploma at École Normale de Musique de Paris and Mozarteum University of Salzburg.She studied from Mr.J.Lateiner who was a professor of The Julliard School in N.Y. She has performed and had several recitals internationally in such venues as the Cortot Hall in Paris, Winnerzar Hall in Salzburg, the San Angelo Auditorium hall in U.S.A.,the Opera City Recital Hall, the JT Art hall,Hamarikyu Asahi hall in Japan as a solo pianist. and concertos in San Angelo university . She has been a laureate the 3rd prize(on top), and the Honorable mention prize at 2003 Biennial pinault international piano competition in N.Y., the special mention prize at 2010 Asia international piano competition,the 3rd prize at 2016 Banri no Choujyou international competition in Japan She has introduced on National Public Radios in Germany,several magazines in Japan,and having an American embassy concert. She is now a pianist in U.S.A and Japan. Called”She is an outstanding pianist in the world.”by the Pinault news in N.Y. Japanese pianist Kyoko Izutsu has impressed audiences and critics alike with her fresh interpretations and dramatic presentation style across America and abroad,Japan. Equally at home as both soloist and chamber musician In 2017, she performed Chopin Piano Concerto with Polish Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra,Miroslaw Blaszczyk Conductor at the Silesian Philharmonic Hall,in Porland.She learned Concerto Performance from Prof.Jasinski who is a chairman of Chopin International Conpetition. and has learned before from Misako Shimizu,Yasuko Sonoda,Regina Smendzianka,Germaine Mounier,Jacob Lateiner,Jerzy Sulikowski,A.Jasinski. She is a member of the Tokyo international art association.


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